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What is inside Aqua SCM Portal?

As of now this portal will provide online access to vendors regarding the order related documents that are raised by AQUA GROUP on them. The portal will also provide the data on the historical transactions, pending orders and status of deliveries. The vendor would then be required to raise an ASN before dispatching the materials to AQUA GROUP. The ASN document thus generated would contain a unique Barcode printed on the note, and the same would be used at the entry gates of AQUA GROUP to automatically generate inpass.

Benefits of Aqua SCM !

  • Provides buyer with shipping-related information prior to their receiving actual shipment, which helps buyer to plan accordingly.
  • Allows controlled shipment of materials based on schedules, thus helps to maintain the correct inventory levels at the warehouse and stores.
  • As the ASN arrives before the goods, so logistics and operational staff can plan for receipt and schedule accordingly.
  • Due to automation, the Gate Entry In is fast with no errors.
  • As all transactions are transparent, reduces numbers of calls between Customer and Suppliers.
  • Helps Suppliers to know the delivery status of the dispatched materials.
  • Broadcast messages and Supplier specific messages helps to exchange information instantly.


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